About Us

I was playing on the internet and sent a note to several Sidell’s and one wrote back that he thought that an individual person would be a closer relative than him – He provided a name and email address so I wrote – We turned to be not that distant cousins – I attended (unfortunate time) the funeral of one of my relatives – From the relatives at the funeral I arranged to have a family reunion – While I was in England – What a great group – On one of my quests I attended a meeting of the Leary/O’Leary clan in Inchigelagh, Ireland – From that group several agreed to a DNA test and 6 of the folks are distant (of course) relatives – They varied from US, England, Ireland and South America – My Aunt (fathers side) had done much research to join the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) back in the day when it was all done by post – Her labors allowed me to become an SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) – Over the internet I sent messages to the listed Stephen McMahon’s in Ireland (Stephen is not a usual Irish first name) – A couple of them responded and I was able to meet some great people and find where my Great Grand Mother’s parents leased land in Ireland – One of the McMahon families if not relatives I sure wish they were – We continue to correspond occasionally.

I was off the genealogical trail for maybe 10 years due to responsibilities or just lazy – Probably the latter – I am back on it again wanting to leave my kid’s as much information about from where they came from – Someone will be interested and it fills in my busy schedule greatly.